Guava Ginseng Hawaiian Tea

The Green Tea is made from hand picked camellia sinensis leaves which are carefully blended with guava flavor and ginseng to produce this beautiful Guava Ginseng Green Tea.

Guava is an exquisite "tropical Berry" with a smooth textured flavor and fragrant aroma. Siberrian ginseng is from the root of the plant eleutherococcus senticocus and has been used in Chinese medicine for well over 2000 years for it's healthful benefits.

Today Siberian ginseng is often used as a wellness supplement which is thought to increase stamina and improve one's vitality.

This Guava Ginseng Hawaiian Tea has a smooth taste, delightful flavor, and also less caffeine than black teas.

Box contains 18 individually sealed tea bags.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Guava Leaves, Ginseng, and Guava flavor with flavor notes from other tropical flavors.

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