Click to enlargeHula Skirt Set

Anyone can be a hula girl with this great costume set! A fun way to dress up and have a great time at any Hawaiian luau or fun-loving occasion!

This hula set includes:

100% raffia skirt, 100% cotton bikini top, a silk flower lei (sometimes may be substituted with a shell lei), a flower for the hair, and instructions for the hula!

Available in Green or Natural Skirt.

Bikini top color may vary.

Interesting factoid: When used in the auana or slow swaying modern dance, the skirt is usually worn long. In kahiko or ancient dance, it is shorter and often accompanied with other embellishments, such as leis.

Age recommendations are general approximations.

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Click to enlargeCoconut Top - The perfect complement to the grass skirt!Made with real coconut!

Adjustable Straps.

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Click to enlargeUli Uli (Gourd Rattles)The most essential and versatile of all hula implements. Don't wear your hula skirt without it!

Sold singly or in pairs. Please specify quantity at checkout.

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Click to enlargeHow to Hula VideoThis is the definitive "how to," with 3 of the all-time favorite songs: "Hukilau," "Keep Your Eyes on the Hands," and "Hawaiian Wedding Song." Plus a bonus section which teaches 7 basic steps and over 30 hand motions. Great fun for all ages.

DVD and VHS format available.

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Click to enlargeHow to Hula BookThe beautiful, sensuous hula is a foundation of Hawaiian culture with each dance telling a story of either love, legend, or history. Although its existence was once threatened by missionaries, the hula was revived by King Kalakaua, the "Merrie Monarch" during his reign, and remains an essential part of Hawaii.

Now you can learn to hula with this easy-to-follow, illustrated step-by-step photographic guide. Nine popular dances including "The Hawaiian Wedding Song," "The Hukilau Song," "Lovely Hula Hands," and "Sweet Leilani, are presented, along with song lyrics and simple, clear instructions that will have you doing the hula in just minutes!

Softcover, 80 pp.

Published in 1997

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