Click to enlargeHawaii's Famous Huli-Huli BBQ Sauce

Hawaii's world famous huli-huli sauce! Translated literally, huli-huli is Hawaiian for "turn-turn." In the old days, when Hawaiians barbecued, they would say "huli" to indicate it was time to turn the meat over to cook the other side.

Today, the huli-huli sauce is used to marinate meats of all kinds to create that distinct Hawaiian BBQ taste. Most notably, the huli-huli sauce has become a local staple as a chicken marinade. Huli-huli chicken BBQs can be found set-up throughout the island, usually in grocery store parking lots. With its signature mouth watering huli-huli chicken aroma wafting through the air, it's nearly impossible for the passer-by to resist making a brief impromptu stop for the delicious huli-huli marinated BBQ chicken!

24 oz.


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